MonitorSite ™ – Essential Monitoring Solution

MonitorSite is a no-nonsense, yet fully scalable, infrastructure monitoring system that provides a single point of access for all your data center infrastructure monitoring (DCIM) needs.

Notifications, trending, alarming, reporting and custom views of monitored data points – MonitorSite gives you the information you need to make timely, more effective decisions and reduce your costs while operating and maintaining your critical infrastructure.

The Horizonline team will work closely with your staff to ensure that all critical data points are monitored and that they have the data needed to make critical decisions.

The MonitorSite Advantage:

  • Standardized and customizable screens
  • User defined alarm thresholds
  • Monitoring of multiple protocols
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Standard and customizable reports
  • Maintenance scheduling and reminders
  • Scalable to any size facility
  • Multi-user based permissions and views
  • Escalation of alarm notifications

MonitorSite Solution:

The intuitive interface and simple graphics decreases the need for extensive and costly training. In addition, the system can be up and running quickly with standard screens or customized as needed.

The vendor-neutral platform allows for integration with existing systems and equipment. Many standard drivers are readily available and Horizonline’s engineering team can also rapidly create custom drivers to cover any special equipment needs.

Improved Integration:

MonitorSite supports numerous communication protocols – including Modbus, BACnet, LONworks, SNMP, and simple dry contacts – ensuring easy and seamless integration of existing systems and all your critical equipment into a single monitoring solution.

Using Horizonline’s MonitorSite means that you will now be in a position to react more quickly and eliminate downtime. You’ll get easy to read graphical views of your monitored infrastructure through an easy-to-access and easy-to-use web-based interface.

Improved Visibility:

Solid, no-nonsense, proactive monitoring – that’s what MonitorSite provides, along with the ability to monitor both single and multiple locations around the globe, all within one easy-to-use application.

With MonitorSite you can “see” your mission-critical environment from anywhere – from tracking the status of the entire enterprise to drilling down to a single point. While designed “out of the box” to provide the essentials and core of what you need, MonitorSite can still be customized to meet the demands of the most complex configurations.

Improved Economics:

MonitorSite is designed to provide the essential data-monitoring features so that the initial financial outlay is minimized; maintenance costs are reduced; and your system can be easily optimized to quickly identify and avoid issues that could result in loss of revenue and clients.

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"Now that people within the organization and across different divisions are finding out about the tool, everyone wants to jump on the HorizonLine bandwagon! We love the tracking and reporting capabilities and it's allowed us to truly make strategic decisions based on facts rather than speculation."

Tech Ops Manager, Digital Realty Trust

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